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How to streamline your deal approval workflow

The Deal EconomyMarch 26, 2020

Businesses that plan together, succeed together. But whenever a business makes a deal with another business, it needs to be approved on both sides. And getting that approval can be a slow, inefficient process. With multiple teams and individuals involved, it’s all too easy for delays and errors to creep in. A deal gets sent to the wrong person, or it sits for days in someone’s inbox. Steps aren’t recorded, and soon there’s no clear audit trail. Productivity, cashflow, co...Continue reading

We've been featured on TechCrunch: Enable raises $18m to help distributors, manufacturers and retailers manage rebates

Build It BetterMarch 25, 2020

Enable, a UK startup that has developed a cloud-based ‘rebate management solution’ to help distributors, manufacturers and retailers manage rebates, is announcing $13 million in Series A funding.

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How our forecasting module can help you to manage your cash flow better and maximize your profits

Build It BetterMarch 24, 2020

Whilst many of us wish that we had the ability to glimpse into the future and see what’s in store for us over the next few years, we all know that this, of course, is an impossibility. In the world of business, however, useful processes can be put in place to predict what might happen in the future based on past and present data, in other words, financial forecasting. Accurate financial forecasting helps your business decrease costs, avoid missing potential opportunities and schedule work...Continue reading

Announcing our Series A funding round

Build It BetterMarch 23, 2020

Announcing our Series A funding round

We’re excited to announce that we’ve secured $18m in Series A funding led by Menlo Ventures with participation from Sierra Ventures, in our first ever equity raise. We’re also delighted to welcome Menlo partner Steve Sloane who joins our board of directors.

Over the past two years, Enable customers have set up thousands of B2B rebate deals on over $30bn of sales and purchases, and have invited more than 2000 of their trading partners to our platform to review and collaborate on those deals.

Customers include distributors, buying groups and retailers from across USA, Canada and Europe. Every customer has realized how they can enhance their profitable relationships and growth opportunities by using our collaborative SaaS platform to become a seamless extension of their trading partners’ businesses.

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Tips for negotiating the best deals with your trading partners

The Deal EconomyMarch 18, 2020

Negotiating B2B contracts is a regular activity, both sides want to get the best deal possible. By negotiating you can achieve a contract that is fair, reasonable and beneficial to both parties – even helping to boost company profitability and improve goodwill and collaboration between trading partners. In order to do this, most businesses will have a highly skilled team dedicated to reaching the best deal for their organisation. Savvy B2B contract negotiation skills are a real plus when...Continue reading

Employee Q&A – Chris

Built It BetterMarch 16, 2020

With over 90 people now employed at Enable and growing, we have forged strong relationships with some of the best universities, recruiting the brightest students that they have to offer. In fact, 79% of our analysts and developers graduated from one of the top 25 universities featured in the Guardian university league table. As a growing software company, we are particularly focused on recruiting high achievers in numerate subjects, with 66% of our employees holding an undergraduate degree in e...Continue reading

Electronics distributors are leaving rebate on the table every year — here’s why

The Deal EconomyMarch 11, 2020

As wholesale electronics gets more competitive, electronic distributors must find ways to grow revenues and protect margin. Maximizing the value of supplier agreements should be a priority. On paper, this is a great time to be an electronics distributor. The market for components has been growing every year, according to Statista, and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Market Research Future predicts 10% CAGR until 2022 for active components, while Zion Market Research sees a huge 23% C...Continue reading

Quick guide: How to raise a ticket and get help from the Enable team

Product FeaturesMarch 9, 2020

Customer support isn’t just about being polite to your customers – it’s a vital part of business operations that can influence how your company is perceived in the public eye. Delivering exceptional customer support to our clients is just as important to Enable as the high-quality software that we build. Not only do we aspire to be as helpful to our clients, we also want to make the whole process for them as simple and stress-free as possible. That’s why we have provide...Continue reading