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Enterprise Podcast Network — Enable is powering the deal economy

Build It BetterFebruary 12

Our CEO, Andrew Butt joins host Eric Dye on the Enterprise Podcast Network to discuss the following: Story of Enable and how it’s filling a pain pointWhat is the deal economy?What role does Enable play in the current marketplace and why is it so important?Can you tell us about your funding journey as it could be inspiring to some of our listeners looking to raise capital?What is one important tip you would give to an early-stage startup founder? Listen to the podcast here.Continue reading

3 key business outcomes of rebate management software

The Deal EconomyFebruary 11

The more effective a digital transformation is, the better the benefits gained by the business. Research by BCG shows that more than 80% of companies plan to accelerate their companies’ digital transformations, with overwhelming evidence showing that successful digital transformations drive performance and competitive advantage. Whether your company are approaching a digital transformation now or in the future, you’ll likely be faced with a decision to implement a new software...Continue reading

Inbound Logistics article — How to identify the blind spots in your supply chain

Build It BetterFebruary 9

We are pleased to share a recent article written by our CEO, Andrew Butt for Inbound Logistics on “How to identify the blind spots in your supply chain”. Andrew discusses: Why supply chains need to be more transparentDeveloping data-driven supply chainsCollaboration is essential for supply chain management To read the full article click here.Continue reading

How to use rebates to outperform your supply chain competition

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, companies have faced more complexity, risks and unpredictable situations, it’s now not only about making inventory readily available to the end customer. They need to evolve and reinvent their supply chains. From start to finish, your supply chain offers opportunities to spearhead innovation, maximize savings, increase the bottom line, and improve your customers’ experience with your brand. To do all this and become a successful business, you need to find...Continue reading

Supply Chain Brain article — Why digital supply-chain integration is vital for rebate management

Build It BetterFebruary 5

We are pleased to share a recent article written by our CEO, Andrew Butt for Supply Chain Brain: “Why Digital Supply-Chain Integration Is Vital for Rebate Management” To summarize, Andrew delves into: How to get rebates to work to your advantageTrends in the supply chainSlow rate of digitalizationHow digital supply-chain management platforms can helpWhy suppliers and distributors can no longer afford to ignore supply-chain integration To read the full article click here.Continue reading

Three ways rebate management software can help increase company profits

For any business to be successful, it’s vital that company profits increase, enabling continued success and to provide opportunities for growth and development. However, increasing company profits isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Once all the necessary expenses and costs have been paid out, its then essential enough sales have been made just to break even, let alone have anything extra to realize a company’s ambitions. Although this can be extremely challenging at times,...Continue reading

Enable receives SOC 1 Type I and SOC 2 Type I Attestations

Build It BetterFebruary 2

We are delighted to announce that we have completed our SOC 1 Type I and SOC 2 Type I audits, performed by KirkpatrickPrice. These attestations provide evidence that Enable have a strong commitment to security and to delivering high-quality services to its clients by demonstrating that they have designed the necessary internal controls and processes. What is a A SOC 1 audit? A SOC 1 audit provides an independent, third-party validation that a service organization’s information securi...Continue reading

Optimizing your purchasing processes to boost your deals

Purchasing functions are at the center of a successful supply chain and for many years now, purchasing teams have been working towards cutting costs and increasing revenue. However, in doing so have faced many barriers including manual purchasing processes and a lack of clarity, especially when it comes to negotiating contract terms for rebates. According to a report prepared by Harvard Business Review, 24% of respondents said they do not effectively evaluate supplier business practices at th...Continue reading