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The rise of the rebate accounting professionals

The Deal EconomyAugust 6, 2020

For decades, many of the world’s strongest trading relationships have been built on rebate agreements. The people trusted with managing these mutually beneficial business deals have played vital roles. But by necessity, they’ve been cogs in a much larger machine. Their time has been absorbed by administrative tasks: collecting and keying-in data, performing audits, corresponding over disputes. Now, the limits of rebate management are expanding. Businesses are realizing the need for&e...Continue reading

Video: So much more than rebate management software

Build It BetterAugust 3, 2020

Let us explain the basics in under 90 seconds!

Enable is the collaboration platform for maximizing the performance of your B2B deals while improving financial transparency and operational efficiency.

We’re reshaping how B2B deals are deployed, managed and measured to help both sides of the trading relationship succeed.

How to reduce human error in rebate management

The Deal EconomyJuly 30, 2020

When it comes to the complexities of rebate management and B2B negotiations, human errors can creep in and seriously compromise the value of trading agreements, especially when the process is manual. Human errors tend to create additional costs, reduce efficiency, and cause catastrophic failures. There is no simple answer to completely reducing human errors but businesses that utilize the latest technology and processes correctly can take steps to reduce the likelihood and severity of mistakes...Continue reading

How our software engineers maintain personal growth

Build It BetterJuly 27, 2020

Here at Enable, we believe in continuous development. This doesn’t just apply to our software, it also applies to our employees. We are committed to personal and professional growth, which is why we continuously dedicate time to improving our technical abilities in key areas. The result is a team whose knowledge is widely shared between individuals, all of whom are confident in developing software to solve complex problems. The induction process for new software engineers Who we recruit...Continue reading

July ’20 update: stronger partnerships across the whole Enable platform

Product FeaturesJuly 13, 2020

Enable is committed to ensuring our software is constantly being updated and improved. To achieve this, we release a new product update every six weeks.

Communication is key for all business and trading partnerships, so our newest update aims to facilitate a greater transfer of information between all parties involved.

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Rebate vs. discount: what are the differences?

The Deal EconomyJuly 10, 2020

The price you set for your products or services is going to be an important factor in a lot of things: the volume of sales you get, the profits you make, and even the way your brand is perceived.

Rebates and discounts are distinct forms of cost reductions which directly or indirectly promote the overall sales of a business. Both pricing terms may sound similar, however, there is a considerable difference between discount and rebates which we explore in more detail below.


What is a discount?

Discounts are typically applied at the point of purchase to reduce the buying price: when you get a bill, you pay the discounted value. It’s all very immediate. The discounted price is visible as of the precise moment that the purchase would have been made and therefore offers immediate satisfaction.

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Why your business needs a centralized deal repository

The Deal EconomyJuly 8, 2020

With 80% of B2B transactions governed by contractual agreements, contracts are the foundation of nearly every trading relationship and should seek to define and mitigate risk. Contracts also provide the basis by which companies ensure compliance with regulatory and financial accountability requirements. More importantly, agreements should be documented. However, the number and complexity of those contracts are growing. According to IACCM, the average Global 1000 corporation maintains over 40,000...Continue reading

Year end revenue recognition — rebate accruals

The Deal EconomyJuly 1, 2020

How was your last year end? We’re not referring to the actual outcome, but the process of getting your year-end figures together.

If you’re in the fortunate position of being able to match each supplier invoice to an order at the right price, then perhaps your year-end is simply a question of dealing with a volume of transactions? But for those in the building supplies sector, those working in buying groups, and many wholesale distribution companies, revenue recognition is hampered by supplier rebates, retrospective discounts and other promotions.

In fact, in industries where rebates are an important part of normal trading, the rebate accountant is often the key to having a true picture of your profits and losses.

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