6 things you can learn in our help center


Six things you can learn about in our help center

Product FeaturesJune 6, 2019


In case you didn’t notice — we recently introduced our help center, an online knowledge base that provides users with easy to follow how-to articles, guides and tutorials!

Having a knowledge base nowadays has become absolutely essential for any business, especially with the emergence of software as a service (SaaS). One of the main reasons why customers stop using a product is because they find it too hard to use or they don’t receive the right support. And to top that off, customers nowadays expect immediate self-service support.

Who the help center is designed for

One of the main benefits of having a knowledge base is its 24/7 availability. DealTrack users can access information when they need it, from any device. You won’t have to wait until the morning to contact the Client Services team to solve a problem which could be fixed with two clicks.

The help center teaches you how to easily set up and manage DealTrack, find information regarding updates to the product, and much more. In short, if you want to set up DealTrack, fix a problem or are just curious and want to learn more about managing your trading agreements and rebate earnings with DealTrack, the knowledge base articles are an excellent place to start.

With this in mind, let’s dive in to six things you can learn from the help center (that you may have missed).

What information is available in Enable’s help center?

Number 1

Welcome pack

For both prospects and new clients alike, we like to show them the ropes and showcase what we are made of! The welcome pack section has therefore been designed to deepen our client’s understanding of Enable and how we will work with you to make you successful with the DealTrack software. From the moment you sign up to DealTrack to the day we finish the implementation, we will be on hand to guide you through the whole process.

Get started

Number 2


In order to ensure consistent terminology usage across businesses, teams and even countries, the glossary section provides you with the ultimate list of DealTrack and rebate management terms you should know. Simple!

Browse glossary

Number 3

Product updates

In the product updates section, you will find the complete list of historic and most recent software updates we have made to DealTrack. For every release, we showcase the new features and enhancements that are available for you to test in your UAT environment. They also describe all the changes made to existing features and functionality in the software.

See what’s new

Number 4

User guide

The user guide section is a comprehensive manual that will help you master a specific functionality or activity in DealTrack. Day-to-day users of DealTrack can learn everything they need to get up and running quickly and answer any basic questions they may have for how to use the product.

Build expertise

Number 5

Admin guide

In contrast, the admin guide section is a source of information for setting up and administering DealTrack. Within DealTrack, the admin area is known as the Config module and is the central place for creating and deleting users, monitoring user activity, setting user access permissions, managing the structure of the system and managing turnover. How to do this is all covered in the admin guide section of the help center.

More about admin

Number 6


In the API section you will find a series of guides and references for the DealTrack API. These provide all of the information that you need to get to grips with some of the basics to get you started. The API provides a simple interface through which to retrieve data and perform operations. All access to data through the API is secure, data transfers are encrypted and modern, well-recognised OAuth 2.0 standards are employed to authenticate all requests to the API.

Try the API


So, there you have it — six things you can do in the help center that you may have missed. By making it easier to deliver the right support in real-time we can help to meet our clients evolving needs and expectations. DealTrack users can simply search for their issue, select a relevant article and follow the guidance to fix the issue. They get what they need immediately, resolving their own issue, and don’t have to even pick up the phone or log a ticket.

For any queries that the help center can’t assist with, the Client Services team are on hand to provide our clients with an ongoing support service.

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