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Why using dimension collections can keep your data clean

Business structures are stored within Enable in a generic format called dimensions. A dimension can contain many dimension items which each have a name, reference, start date, and end date. These dimension items are the individual products, branches or other business structures that transactions need to reconcile against, this allows the system to assign a monetary value to a program line and thus to your programs.

To facilitate the data management of your dimension items we have a concept called dimension collections. This allows you to group your dimension items by creating dimension attributes for a collection. For example, a collection under the product dimension might have a dimension attribute of product group.

Over time business structures and organizations change and the product assignment to a product group might also change. Say this year you group your branches by state, but next year you are planning to group them by region, i.e. Midwest, South, East Coast, and so on. If you were to just change your current branches dimension collection, this would affect all previous trading programs that had branches selected by state.

To handle this, we recommend that every year, prior to making new agreements, each dimension collection should be replicated and then renamed to the current year. Then all agreements can be made against this year’s current collection. As you transition from one collection to the next you can change the use of older collections from assignment and reporting to just reporting which means that you will never be using the old values when making new program lines.

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