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Why is my trading partner unable to access Collaborator?

This is probably a browser issue. Collaborator supports, and is tested against, the following browsers:

Windows 7, 8 & 10 running:

  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version);
  • Google Chrome (latest version);
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version);

Mac OS X running:

  • Safari (latest version);
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version);
  • Google Chrome (latest version).

If you are unable to resolve the issue with your trading partner and they are still experiencing a technical issue, please instruct them to:

  • Log a support ticket on our Helpdesk via the following link: Enable will then communicate with them directly and resolve their issue.
  • If they are unable to use that link due to login issues, then instruct them to send Enable an email to and Enable will communicate with them directly through there.

Note - Microsoft will be ending support of Edge Legacy and Internet Explorer 11 in 2021. Therefore we recommend using one of our supported browsers.

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