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Why are my recent program line changes not appearing in the watchlist app?

There are three things to check when wanting to see any changes in the watchlist app:

1. Have you set an accrual band in your targeted program line(s)?

The watchlist app will only display opportunities and risks for your targeted program lines. In order for these targeted program lines to appear, you will need to set an accrual band for each of the program lines. To see how to set an accrual band check out our FAQ on setting accrual bands.

2. Has the scheme(s) been activated?

If your trading program has not been activated it will not appear in the watchlist app; make sure your trading program has been activated when using the watchlist app.

3. Has the watchlist app recalculated?

The watchlist app recalculates every day at a set time. Any changes made to the program lines in Enable after the watchlist app has recalculated will not appear until after the next recalculation.

An admin user can change the time at which the watchlist app processes by configuring the calculation time. If you set this to a closer time the watchlist app will recalculate so that you can see the changes that were made. Remember to set this back to a time where Enable is not being used e.g. 2 am so that the system is not being slowed down by background calculations.

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