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What is Trading Programs?

Trading Programs is just one of the many apps available to you with Enable. It serves as a web-based rebate management system to help you streamline your business and be confident in your rebate earnings. It allows complex rebate agreements to be configured, will accurately calculate earnings for these agreements, and can then allocate the earnings across each source transaction line.

Enable offers many features that will benefit all members of your team. It helps merchants, buying groups, wholesale distributors, and retailers to drive mutually profitable growth with trading partners, whilst improving cash flow and reducing risk. That’s why we call it the trading partner success platform.

With Enable, you can:

  • Configure your trading agreements and accurately calculate their rebate.
  • Report on your rebate earnings and transactions.
  • Approve plans as part of an automated approval workflow.
  • Invite your trading partners to become a part of this automated approval workflow using our Collaborator app.
  • Record and track payments from or to your trading partners.
  • View the rebate that you are forecast to earn based on previous data and trends.
  • Identify opportunities to increase rebate earnings, and highlight risks that may reduce rebate earnings.
  • Set up your special pricing agreements with ease.

Trading Programs is delivered using a software as a service (SaaS) model, which means that the software suite is ready-made and configurable for your needs. Enable focuses on helping you to drive collaborative relationships with your trading partners to achieve mutually profitable growth. By focusing on process automation and having intuitive user interfaces, Enable can free you to focus on the core competencies of running your business while leaving the rest to us.

Want to learn more about Trading Programs? Check out our user guide.

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