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What is the Enable apps homepage?

The Enable apps homepage is a centralized location that allows you to access various applications including Trading Programs, the Support Hub, and Collaborator.


We have introduced the Enable apps homepage to allow you to have one single account to access the various different applications Enable offer, instead of logging in separately to each application. From, you can access Trading Programs, raise support tickets in Cello, and track projects from one single portal. This also means that you only require one password to access all of Enable's applications.


How do I navigate through Enable apps?

From the homepage, you can click on the different tiles to navigate around our applications. Also, from any page, you can navigate to the different sections of Enable apps using the hub switcher. The hub switcher is the 9 dots button in the top right hand corner of the screen. Clicking on the hub switcher will allow you seamlessly move through Enable apps.

The hub switcher can be seen here:

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