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What is Collaborator?

Collaborator is an online portal that allows you to easily and securely share your trading programs and program lines with your trading partners. Providing all of your trading partners with trading information in a standard way, accessible in one central location, makes managing agreements much easier and helps to facilitate common processes.

If your trading partner is part of your approval process, they can also log in to Collaborator to sign off your trading programs through a streamlined UI, providing a much quicker and easier approval process that reduces friction in agreement negotiations. Once your trading program reaches the Collaborator in your approval workflow, it then becomes available for your trading partner to view and sign off in Collaborator. Collaborator also supports comments on trading programs and program lines, providing a hub for you to nurture your trading relationships and facilitating negotiations if your proposed program lines aren’t quite right!

With an extensive activity log and visibility of all users who have viewed your trading program, you can rest assured that commercially sensitive information isn’t being shared with the wrong party.

If you would like the Collaborator app enabled, please contact your Customer Success manager.

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