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Validation of data

Once you have selected the file to be uploaded, you are taken to the Validation page.


The Validation page provides a short summary of the file that you are attempting to upload. This includes the file name, the total value of transactions, the total number of transaction lines, the number of unrecognized references and finally the date range for the transactions.

Unrecognized references are references that cannot be found in the primary data lists of dimension items. These may still be imported, however the transactions with these unrecognized references will not be reconciled within your trading partners Trading Programs tenant. This means that the turnover will not be included for calculations in Trading Programs.

If the transaction lines that you are trying to upload are within the date range of a previous upload, a prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen asking whether you would like to keep or remove the existing transactions. Removing the transactions may be useful if the previous upload was done incorrectly. Keeping transactions will import all of the lines normally and duplicated lines will still be picked up by the Trading Program reconciliation process.


The validation stage will also pick up any errors during the attempted upload of your transaction file. If an error is found in the validation stage, the import process will be unable to progress to the review stage. The error must then be corrected and the file reuploaded. The reason for the error will be displayed in the validation stage, so you will know what needs to be corrected when reuploading.

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