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US Distributor Thos. Somerville Co. selects Enable to improve supplier rebate accuracy and efficiency

Thos. Somerville Co., a family owned, 160 year old distributor of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning supplies with 21 trade locations, 9 kitchen and bath showrooms and sales revenue of over $200 million have recently selected Enable to gain better control of their supplier rebates.

Some of the features of Enable that interested the executive team at Thos. Somerville Co. was the ability to define product categories and items that qualify for select programs. They will also have the ability to make accurate projections without relying on manual processes across a number of separate systems as well as reconcile the real rebate income to projected. Plus, Enable will give them actionable data which will allow their purchasing team to evaluate the ROI on inventory spend and execute strategically.

“With us relying on manual processes, there was an impending need to transfer 20+ years of specialist knowledge to more employees,” says Scott Weir, VP of Purchasing at Thos. Somerville Co. “Enable will drastically reduce the amount of training required and allow this process to be managed intuitively going forward.”

Erik Samuelson, Account Executive at Enable added: “Enable is giving wholesale distributors like Thos. Somerville Co., a new strategic perspective on their trading arrangements. With enhanced insights into each of their programs, our new customer will now be able to easily identify and capitalize on opportunities to increase margins and maximize incentive income.”