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Viewing the trading programs list

The Trading Programs List is a centralized place to store all of your trading programs, making it easy to organize, control and monitor your rebate agreements.

Collaborators who have been given access to trading programs also have access to this list. This unified view allows for more precise discussions between you and your trading partners by referring to a streamlined interface. You can also send links directly to your collaborators about the exact agreement you want to discuss (or vice versa), as the trading program URLs are the same for both parties.

This article will guide you through:

  1. How to find trading programs via the list
  2. Create program
  3. View program
  4. Download
  5. More options

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How to find trading programs via the list

You can access the List tab directly from the activity landing page within the trading programs app, or via the Trading programs menu in the green banner.

The trading programs list contains a range of information on each trading program, such as the reference, workflow status, start and end dates, whether you’re subscribed to the trading program, and if there are any unread comments.

The Search box allows you to filter based on trading program reference or the user who last updated the program. Alternatively, click Search by partners to type and select one or more partners to display in the list.

Use the Column set to customize your list, in addition to More filters to only view trading programs that meet a set criteria.

Viewing the trading programs list

Create program

Click the Create program button to create a new trading program using the wizard, or click the in this button and Manually create a trading program if you are more familiar with program setup.

View program

Select a trading program from the list and click the View program button to view the trading program PDF, program lines, and other settings.


Click the Download button to save a CSV file containing high level details of all trading programs in the list.

More options

When one of more trading program is selected, click on the at the bottom of the screen (next to the Download button) to view the following options:

  • Archive: Available for active trading programs only. Use to archive old trading programs, while retaining details of the programs to view or restore in future. Learn more about archiving trading programs here.
  • Restore: Available for archived trading programs only. Use to restore inactive trading programs.
  • Change workflow status: Available for trading programs using manual workflow only. Use to change the workflow status, e.g. from Draft to Fully signed.
  • Replicate: Available for active trading programs only. You will be given the option to replicate for the current period or next period, and whether to replicate as a proposal or fully active program. If there is an automatic workflow set up, it will only be possible to replicate as a proposal.
  • Copy: Available for proposal trading programs only. You will be given the option to replicate for the current partner (i.e. the partner the original program is with), or other partners.
  • Activate: Available for proposal trading programs only.
  • Delete: Available to channel admin users only. Use to permanently delete a trading program. We recommend archiving rather than deleting programs, so that details can still be viewed or restored in future. Deleting a trading program will remove all terms items and any program lines or program line series within the trading program.
  • Send message: Use to communicate via the Messages app with your trading partner, relating to the selected trading program.
  • Subscribe: Use to filter by subscribed trading programs in the Activity page using the star icon.
  • Unsubscribe: Use if you do not wish to be able to filter by the subscribed trading program in the Activity page using the star icon.
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