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How to foster mutually beneficial business relationships with suppliers

In a rapidly changing supply chain where businesses have been faced with significant challenges, it is vital for companies to nurture authentic and mutually beneficial relationships with their trading partners. The term “mutually beneficial” is core to a successful partnership and helps to ensure that both parties are committed to the arrangement. The essence of anything “mutually beneficial” is that both sides are […]

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Featured article: How special pricing agreements can strengthen supply chains

Andy James, Director of Product Strategy has written an article for Supply Chain Brain on “How special pricing agreements can strengthen supply chains”. Special pricing gives manufacturers and distributors an incentive to work closely together in their sales and marketing efforts. Special pricing agreements are powerful tools that allow manufacturers and distributors to manage complex […]

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5 ways a rebate management system can reduce supply issues in the construction industry

Since lockdown began construction industry projects have surged meaning building materials are running short in the UK, leaving DIY projects in doubt and building companies under pressure. The Construction Leadership Council has warned that cement, some electrical components, timber, steel and paints are all in short supply. Weather has also played a factor, for example the winter storm […]

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Benefits of expanding your supplier base

All suppliers whatever their size carry risk, but more businesses are starting to expand their supplier base. In this blog we explore all the benefits.