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7 features every buying group should look for in a rebate management system

Buying groups don’t typically have control over members' systems, but they need timely, accurate data for negotiating deals and claiming rebates for members.

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Vendor rebate module: Requirements specification

If you're considering how a vendor rebate module could increase your rebate income, here are a few things to consider...

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3 steps to business growth with better rebate management

Got 5 minutes to spare? Read this synopsis of our very popular webinar 'A 3 Step Approach to Business Growth Through Better Rebate Management'.

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Rebate management for the building materials industry

Missing out on claiming manufacturer’s rebates is like negotiating a higher price with your suppliers. It shouldn’t happen!

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4 alternative solutions for rebate accounting

On the Enable blog we explore four alternative solutions for managing complex trading agreements involving rebate income.

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Alternative contract management software for building merchants

Not all contract management software for builders’ merchants manages complex manufacturer rebates. DealTrack, on the other hand does.

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7 common challenges when managing complex rebate deals

4 key challenges that can be overcome to streamline the rebate management processes and get more out of complex B2B rebate deals