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5 ways a rebate management system can reduce supply issues in the construction industry

Since lockdown began construction industry projects have surged meaning building materials are running short in the UK, leaving DIY projects in doubt and building companies under pressure. The Construction Leadership Council has warned that cement, some electrical components, timber, steel and paints are all in short supply. Weather has also played a factor, for example the winter storm […]

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5 common business challenges rebate management software can solve today

Are you looking for areas in your business operations where you can boost financial performance, increase operational efficiency and mitigate business risk? Rebate management software is designed to equip your company to achieve those objectives by helping you overcome the following business challenges once and for all. Business challenge 1: Disparate, legacy software systems Business impact: […]

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How to improve cash flow with a rebate management system

Cash flow refers to the amount of cash coming in and flowing out of a business. Having a positive cash flow means that more money is coming into the business than going out. Without positive cash flow, you won’t have the capital available to make purchases and keep your business running – even if you’re profitable on paper.  […]

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6 ways rebate management software supports better business decisions

Making good business decisions is a critical part of every executive’s job and is vital to every company’s success. Yet in a McKinsey Global Survey,only 20% of respondents said that their organizations excel at decision making and the majority said that much of their time they devote to making business decisions is used ineffectively. On average, […]

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Why data visibility is critical for better rebate management

At Enable we speak to a wide range of distributors challenged with managing the complexity of their rebates. A common theme running through these conversations is the desire they have to improve visibility and transparency of information. After all, data visibility doesn’t just affect one part of the business – it has the power to […]

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12 questions to ask before starting a rebate management software implementation project

Implementing new software is a big project. Here are 12 questions to ask yourself before starting a implementation project for rebate management software.

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Rebate management: Bespoke software vs off-the-shelf software

The software marketplace offers a wide range of software products and services. It can be hard to decide on which one to choose: off-the-shelf vs bespoke?

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A decision-making matrix to identify the best rebate management solution

Use our decision-making matrix to identify the best rebate management solution and vendor for your business now and in the future.

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3 key business outcomes of rebate management software

Are you planning on implementing a rebate management system now or in the future? If so, here are 3 key business outcomes you could expect.

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3 trends shaping rebate management in 2021

In these uncertain times, proper rebate management has never been more important. We explore 3 trends shaping rebate management in 2021.

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The ultimate finance toolkit for better rebate management

By using our finance toolkit, finance can achieve better business outcomes and more effective rebate management processes.

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Choosing the right rebate software for your finance transformation

In this blog we discuss some key features your rebate management software should have that can power your own finance transformation.

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New year’s resolution for finance: say goodbye to manual rebate management

As we approach a new year, it's time for finance to say goodbye to manual rebate management. See how they can achieve this with Enable.

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2021 finance checklist for rebate management success

This finance checklist for rebate management provides a detailed overview of what your finance team should consider going into 2021.

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Key factors driving digital adoption of rebate management

Enable look at the key factors driving digital adoption of rebate management software going into 2021 and beyond.

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How to approach a legacy system change in your business

Deciding to update your legacy systems can be a tough decision to make. Enable discuss how to approach a legacy system change in your business.