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Manual process vs automated process: Which is better?

Despite all of the technology at our disposal and the importance of accurate and complete data, many teams managing large amounts of rebates still rely on manual processes for calculating, accruing and allocating rebates. They often find themselves chasing down errors, reconciling data, and trying to make important decisions based on an assortment of incomplete or inaccurate rebate data.   In fact, research has found that procurement, supply […]

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5 steps to auditing your rebate accounting processes

Accounting for your rebates can look different to businesses depending on their size, internal resource and how complex the deals are. Auditing this important process means testing and reviewing your rebate accounting to ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible. Businesses need to prioritize this so they can best position themselves for effective rebate management […]

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How a rebate management system supports business growth

When running a business, we’re always striving to improve our operations in one way or another. Over time, outdated systems can harm your bottom line without you even realising it. If your business is very process driven, you need a solution that can simplify workflows, automate repetitive tasks to allow you to continually innovate and attain […]

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6 ways outdated software puts your business at risk

Outdated software, also known as legacy software, can often be overlooked within a business. Replacing the outdated software is often pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list or some wait for a critical issue to occur before actions are taken. This however comes with risks that can be detrimental to your business if you don’t upgrade to a new system. Using […]