Deal Management

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The 7 stages of deal management

The deal management process can be very complex with various trading agreements and many departments involved. Enable reveal the 7 stages.

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Infographic & report: The impact of COVID-19 on B2B rebate deals

One of the most visible impacts of COVID-19 has been the strain on the global supply chain. Find out how this has impacted those involved in B2B deals.

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10 common myths of rebate management

Learn about the 10 common myths of rebate management and how Enable can help support your rebate management going forward.

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Why your business needs a centralized deal repository

Centralizing your trading agreements in a secure, deal repository is the first and most important step any business can take to streamlining and automating its manual rebate processes.

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Reasons to digitalize your deal management

We discuss all the reasons to digitalize your deal management and the benefits with Enable.

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How strong rebate management can boost your commercial team’s success

How an excellent rebate management system like Enable can help boost the success of your commercial team in any industry.

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The cost of forecasting errors when managing B2B deals

Financial forecasting deserves more than the spreadsheet which contain hidden errors. Take a look at an alternative: rebate management software.

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Translating customer rebates for sales, finance and commercial teams

How to improve customer rebate management by turning a game of broken telephone between sales, commercial and finance teams into the Tower of Babel.