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‘Targeted amount with targets in units’ mechanism


A mechanism where the earnings are a fixed amount, the size of this amount depends on the level of target achieved, and target is expressed as a number of units rather than the amount of money.



A program line for which the earnings are £10,000 if transacted value is less than 500,000 units, £20,000 if transacted value is greater than or equal to 500,000 units but less than 750,000 units, or £30,000 if transacted value is greater than or equal to 750,000 units.

Configuration approach

You will be required to:

  • Configure one or more target bands, with a transaction target and an earnings amount for each (where each earnings amount is a monetary amount, in the currency of the parent trading program), as illustrated below for a GBP trading program:

Transaction Target (units)

Earnings (GBP)






  • Select one or more items for each dimension that has been configured for you as included items for the program line.

Enable will select matching transaction lines for the program line, based on:

  • The trading partner to which the program line belongs.
  • Your dimension item selections.
  • The start and end date of the program line.
  • The currency of the parent trading program.

To calculate an earnings result for the program line as a whole, Enable will compare the total for transacted units across the matching transaction lines with the  targets that have been configured for the program line to determine which target band, and therefore which earnings amount, applies.

To calculate an earnings result for each matching transaction, Enable will use the entries for transacted units from the matching transactions to apportion the program line level result for earnings and derive an earnings result for each of the matching transaction lines.

Optional settings

For a program line that uses the Targeted amount with targets in units plug-in, there are no optional configuration settings.

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