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Summary of the Pricing app

Enable's Pricing app enables you to configure prices for each of your dimension items and supplier combinations. This allows you to represent configurations where the amount of rebate earned for a transaction line is directly dependent on a price agreed between trading entities. This is particularly useful for contract support program lines, where a price is negotiated between the contractor, the distributor and the supplier.

The objectives of the Pricing app are to allow you to:

  • Review and manage a list of price list versions.
  • Download and view the current list of prices that are configured for each of your price list versions.
  • Upload new lists of prices.

Sections of the Pricing app are summarized below.

Price lists

The price lists page allows you to browse your price lists and view a summary of their details.

Price list details

The price list details view provides an overview of your selected price list and its configured versions. Within the price list details page, you can:

  • Create a new price list version.
  • Download a template to specify the prices for your selected price list version. This CSV file will contain a row for each combination of eligible dimension items and trading partners for your price list.
  • Upload a CSV file to populate the prices for your price list version.
  • Delete price list versions that are no longer needed.
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