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Stage 5 - Evolve

Following on from the closure of Stage 4 - Activate, you will be able to operate Enable independently and will be responsible for managing your data, users and trading programs. However, there may be additional features that you wish to use with Enable, your Customer Success manager and implementation team will continue to guide you through Evolve.

Your Customer Success Manager will continuously look for opportunities to Evolve how you get value from Enable. Initially, they will focus on helping you move away from your legacy system so you can fully adopt Enable as a single source of truth. Only once this has been achieved will the full benefits be unlocked.

During your entire journey, your wider team will be able to access the Enable support offering and get value from the platform, whilst your project team is separately tackling additional features as they are identified. This allows you to get value from the platform early on, and get your users confident with Enable.

Your Customer Success Manager will continue to meet with you, on a 3-weekly basis, to ensure that you are getting value from Enable and to understand if we have met all of your goals. In addition to this, your Customer Success Manager will organize quarterly business reviews with you. These reviews ensure we remain aligned to your needs and help to identify additional features from our regular releases from which you could benefit.

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