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Stage 2 - Engage

The Engage stage is designed to ensure that both your organization and Enable are aligned on your main business objectives and aims, before commencing onboarding with your wider team. This meeting takes place just after the contract is signed, and acts as a handover from your Account Executive to a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will meet with you every 3 weeks throughout the entirety of your Enable journey.

The Engage stage will allow you to establish a relationship with your assigned Customer Success Manager. This meeting aims to dive deeper into your value drivers and to discuss any potential sticking points Enable should be aware of. Topics of discussion include both your team's roles and the Enable team's roles, your goals and objectives for Enable, the importance of data, and some common pitfalls.

Based on your goals and objectives, your Customer Success Manager will work to define a Success plan. The Success plan ensures that both parties are working towards the same set of goals, and is used to track your progress throughout your Enable journey. An example Success plan can be seen below.


At the end of Engage, we will request a sample of your existing trading/rebate programs. This will allow us to understand how your rebates are calculated, and get started on configuring your Enable channel.

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