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SSAE – SOC reports

Update - February 8th 2022

Enable is pleased to share that we have SOC 1 Type I & II and SOC 2 Type I & II reports under SSAE-18.

SSAE-18 is the current standard in the North American market for, among others, SaaS software which can have an impact on financial reporting for our clients.

In order to do this, we worked with the audit firm Kirkpatrick Price from the USA who are fully qualified and experienced in SOC reporting.

We completed an assessment of our operating procedures and policies to ensure that they all meet the requirements for successful SOC reports.

We recognize that our clients will be reassured with Enable’s commitment in obtaining these SSAE-18 SOC reports in addition to our current ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications.

Update - December 23rd 2020

Enable is excited to announce that we have now completed the audit process and received our SOC 1 and 2 Type I reports. The audit was carried out by the US auditing firm Kirkpatrick Price.

We are also happy that the reports have no qualified issues in any way, and provide further proof of Enable's dedication to the quality of our product and services.

These reports are available upon request via our usual channels, or through the "Contact Us" option on our webpage: https://enable.com/contact/

Update - November 13th 2020

Enable is pleased to provide the following update on the state of our SOC 1 & 2 Type I audit.

The audit process, inasmuch as Enable's participation has been required, is now complete. Initial feedback from the auditor is very promising in that no major items of concern were found to exist.

We are expecting a draft of the findings in the next few weeks and then the final reports will be produced.

The full process is still proceeding according to schedule.

Update - September 4th 2020

Enable, as a team, is extremely pleased to announce that all remediation/improvement tasks have been carried out for our forthcoming SOC report audit.

We have sought to go further than the requirements for the audit in order to transmit to our clients that security and reliability are at the forefront of our concerns. We currently expect the full audit to run its appropriate due course and to have SOC 1 & 2 reports available, on request, for our current and prospective clients by mid-December this year.

We, as a company, consider security and reliability as the two mainstays of our offerings to our clients who trust us to give the best of our abilities and knowledge to ensure that their trust in our services is very well founded and that our products will fulfill all your functional and compliance requirements as our trusted customers.

Our schedule for the audit commences this Tuesday, September 9th and we expect, given the auditor's timeline, to have this first and very important stage, complete by December 15th, with the final delivery of the auditor's report.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the usual channels or via the "Contact us" option on our webpage: https://enable.com/contact/

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding our compliance status and all tasks which we consider fundamental to be a proper partner to your business needs.

Update - April 30th 2020

Enable is pleased to share the following update to this important project.

The Gap Analysis phase has been completed and the results are very satisfactory. The company now is forging ahead with updating the necessary documentation and implementing improvements in order to ensure the best possible result at the coming Audit.

Enable will continue to keep both current as well as prospective clients of our efforts in ensuring the best possible quality and reassurance in our products and services.

Update - March 31st 2020

Enable is pleased to share an update on the status of our project to obtain SOC 1 and 2 reports under SSAE-18.

We have now completed the gathering of data and information for the Gap Analysis. This has now been provided to the auditors so that they may proceed with the production of a report indicating any remediations required before proceeding with the SOC 1 and 2 - Type I audit reports.

Enable will continue to share the progress of the project in order to keep our clients apprised of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide even better products and services.

Update - March 10th 2020

Enable is pleased to share an update on the status of our project to obtain SOC 1 and 2 reports under SSAE-18.

We are currently undergoing the Gap Analysis phase, analysing our currently in-place policies and procedures to detect any corrections which need to be undertaken to ensure a good audit result.

We know that this progress report underlines Enable's commitment to excellence and quality in the products and services we provide.

Enable will continue to share the progress of the project.

Learn more about SSAE-18

Further background information on SSAE-18 and SOC reports can be obtained using the following links (both from the US AICPA website).

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