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Review of data

When you are happy with the data validation, the import process will move to the Review page.

The Review page will provide two summaries of the data. The first details the names of both parties, as well as the currency the transactions are using and whether or not existing transactions will be removed. The second is the summary from the validation stage.


If all of the information on the summaries is correct, you can then click the submit button and send the data for processing. A holding page will appear once the data has been submitted. Leaving this page will not interrupt the processing of the data so you may navigate to other pages in the meantime.


After a short time, the processing will finish and a link will appear which takes you back to the homepage, where you can view a summary of the data that you have just uploaded.


Some imports may require approval from the channel owner. If this is the case, you will be informed of this once you have submitted your data.


If your import is rejected, you will receive a notification.


You will then be able to see the rejection notes in the transaction log.

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