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Program line series

Program line series is an optional feature which is available upon request. Creating a program line series is a convenient way of creating a series of identical program lines which follow on from one another.

When creating a program line series, you will be required to:

  • Select a “Weekly” or “Monthly” frequency. This is the frequency unit used to generate the period for each program line;
  • Select a value for the units per period. This sets how many frequency units are in each program line period;
  • Select a start and end date for the program line series.

This will generate a series of program lines between the start and end date of the program line series. The duration of these program lines is dependant on the configuration of the frequency and units per period settings.

For example, a program line series which is configured to have 2 “Monthly” units per period will generate series of bi-monthly program lines. Clicking the “Set number of periods” button will then generate a maximum number of periods which can fit within the start and end dates for the series.

This number can be lowered or the start and end dates of the program line series can be adjusted. Once you are happy with the number of periods, the program line type and mechanism can be configured as normal. Once this has been completed, each program line in the series needs to be given a reference and description before the system will generate the program lines.

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