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Primary data

Your primary data in Trading Programs is the metadata that is available on your channel. This is dependent on your configuration and consists of one or more dimensions with one or more accompanying dimension attributes. These dimensions and dimension attributes allow you to create your rebate program lines or review your rebate earnings.

For example, if your rebates depend on products, then you will have a dimension of products. Then when creating a program line in Enable you can select which items in the product dimension are included in that part of the agreement. Moreover, some of your rebates may be dependent on products with certain characteristics, like a rebate on a specific brand or product category. Enable’s dimension functionality allows you to create a selection rule for a program line that automatically includes all dimension items with a particular attribute. For example, within a products dimension, you can bulk select all products from a certain brand or all products in a particular category.

Dimensions and attributes are also relevant to reporting. If you want to report on your rebate earnings per region, then Trading Programs can be set up so that your transactions specify the relevant branch. In this instance, the dimension would be ‘Branches’ with an attribute ‘Region’. This requires branches to be included in your primary data and linked to rebate agreements and transactions. This will allow you to run a rebate earnings report by region.

Therefore, all data linked to your rebate agreements are considered primary data. This includes any parts of your business that rebates are dependent on as well as any fields that you would like to report on.

Find out how to update your primary data here.

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