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5 ways to mitigate supply chain risks with rebate management software

Today’s global and fast-moving supply chains are getting more and more complex. Therefore, they are almost inevitably subject to greater disruption and risk. In the aftermath of the recent global pandemic, protecting supply chains is more important than ever. Some organizations were better prepared than others to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, due to implementing […]

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Top 10 benefits of rebate management software

Rebate can make up the majority of profit for wholesalers, distributors, buying groups, and retailers, so effective rebate management is crucial. However, with large amounts of information and lots on people involved managing different parts of the processes inefficiently, they can become challenging and complex. This doesn’t make it easy to keep track of all […]

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CEO, Andrew Butt featured on Code Story podcast

Andrew Butt recently featured on series 5, episode 13 of Code Story, a podcast featuring founders, tech leaders, CTO’s, CEO’s, and Architects, reflecting on their human story in creating world changing, disruptive digital products. On the show, they dig into the critical moments of what it takes to change an industry, and build & lead […]

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Reimagining the finance back office

As the finance back office begins to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, even in large organizations, it’s not unusual for the finance department to still lean towards spreadsheets and outdated, manual tools and processes. As a result, there is never enough time in a finance professional’s day to focus on the higher-level […]

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Using special pricing agreements to increase your profit margins

We explore on the blog why managing Special Pricing Agreements better is linked to higher margins for your business. Learn more on the blog.

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From counting to measuring and managing vendor funds

Survey shows that managing Special Pricing Agreements is linked to higher margins. Firms who used specialized software to track funds had a full 5% COGS advantage over their competitors (12% vs 7%) in combined SPAs and Volume Rebates.

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SIG selects Enable’s rebate management software

Find out how SIG improved control processes for rebates, and minimized risk through the acquisition of a professional third-party rebate solution, Enable.

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Managing SPAs, ship & debit, claimbacks, MDFs and more

Rebates, SPAs, claim-backs, contract support seem similar to each other but have a few key differences. In this article we look at how to manage them all.

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Why wholesalers should invest in a rebate management system

We explore why you should look for a specialist rebate management system if your core business systems are proving to be inadequate.

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4 things to avoid in order to maximize your rebate earnings

Making the most from your rebate earnings – four things to STOP doing to maximise your rebate claims

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Rebate accounting: 10 reasons why rebates are not always claimed

Even with a rebate management system, many businesses fail to claim 100% of rebates due. Discover 10 reasons why this happens and what to do about it.

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Is a contract management system the best choice for managing rebate agreements?

We explore whether a contract management system is the best choice for managing rebate agreements or is a rebate management system the better alternative?

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Take control of your rebate debtors

Find out how you can take more control over your rebate debt with suppliers and add millions to the bottom line.

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Andrew Butt — EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year Awards finalist

CEO of Enable, Andrew Butt has been shortlisted for the EY UK Entrepreneur of the Year (2018) Midlands awards in their "Disrupter" category.

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4 integration methods at Enable

At Enable we can accept data from anywhere - we aren’t tied to any particular ERP systems or EDI providers, and we have over 20 years integration experience. As standard, we provide four integration methods out-of-the-box.

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7 features every buying group should look for in a rebate management system

Buying groups don’t typically have control over members' systems, but they need timely, accurate data for negotiating deals and claiming rebates for members.