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Our features

Browser-based interface

Your channel will be supplied as a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, accessed via a web browser over HTTPS.

User accounts

Users will log into your channel by entering their email address and password. Certain authorized users will be given admin user accounts.

Retroactive rebates

Rebate is calculated dynamically, so changes to program lines or primary data can be applied retroactively.

Agreement library

Programs and program lines are set up in your channel, thereby forming a central repository of rebate agreements.

Rebate calculation mechanisms

A program consists of one or more program lines which are the rebate earning elements. A program line is assigned a mechanism, which is the plug-in used to determine the inputs required for the calculation of rebate and the selection of the correct calculation algorithm.

Dimensional structure

Enable will configure the required primary data structure based on the parameters of your rebate agreements.


Currencies will be configured as part of Onboarding.

System audit

Your channel keeps an ‘activity log’ of key user actions. Certain authorized users will be given admin user accounts, which can access the activity log and control user access permissions.

Sign-off workflow

Internal approval workflows and online trading partner sign-off, with draft watermarks and a signatories block formalizing the signing status of the agreement document.


Your trading partner contacts will be invited to the Collaborator portal so that they can view and sign off agreements which you send to them through the automatic workflow.

API access to agreement details

Enable offers API access to trading agreements and their detailed program line definitions.

Up to date calculations

Trading Programs' core functionality is the dynamic calculation of rebate earnings.

Strung rebates

Transactions can contribute to rebate earnings for more than one program line. In this case, some agreements stipulate that the earnings of one program line are deducted from the transactions of a second program line before calculating the rebate of this second program line.

Rebate earnings reporting

Trading Programs will be supplied with its standard set of core reports, as follows:

  • Program earnings · A report of program-by-program rebate earnings;
  • Daily earnings · A report of rebate earnings for a selected trading partner expressed per time period and, optionally, per program;
  • Transactions · A report of the transaction data present in your channel for a selected trading partner.

Upload & reconcile transaction data

Manual and SFTP-automated upload of transactional data.

Debtor or creditor tracking

Aged debtor or creditor tracking, including manual adjustments.

Cash allocation

Receipts or payments entry, allocation to aged debtor or creditor lines, and retention of history.

Finance snapshots

Automatically generated and retained data snapshots per financial period, including snapshots for analysis, accruals and payments.

Risk & opportunity tracking

Watchlist for monitoring performance against targeted program lines.

Forecasting & accruals management

Automatic and manual forecasting methods, including seasonal profiles and linking to accruals management.

Partner transaction data submissions

Workflow for receiving monthly transactional data submissions from collaborating trading partners.

API for granular results & financials

API access to rebate results, at any level of granularity supported by your master data model, and including actual, accrual and forecast results. API access to retained data snapshots per financial period coming soon.

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