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Onboarding is a standard process within Enable to provide you with the tools and knowledge to leverage the system within your business as quickly and as efficiently as possible and hence achieve value faster.

Onboarding consists of five distinct phases: Connect, Engage, Kick Off, Activate and Evolve which are explored further below. These phases aim to mitigate risks and challenges we have seen previously:

  • Enhanced communication - ensures your goals and expectations are understood and prioritized.
  • Accountability - each step will ensure goals are quantifiable, minimizing slippage and maximizing value.
  • Confidence - focusing on a select number of trading partners ensures quick validation in proof of concept.
  • Self-sufficiency - we aim to give you the skills to expand your data sets from chosen trading partners but we are always available to help - see our 24/7 help desk support.

Our onboarding timeline is given as general guidance and we understand that some customers may wish to turbocharge this if possible. 


During the Connect phase your Account Executive introduces you to our Customer Success team. You will be introduced to our 5-stage onboarding process and we can begin planning your journey to unlocking Enable.


Once you've given us the green light, we quickly organize our Engage meeting. The Engage meeting is where our Customer Success Managers (CSM) deep-dive into your business objectives, goals, and motivations which have brought you to Enable. Your Account Executive updates your Customer Success Manager prior to the Engage meeting so we can jump right in without you having to repeat yourself. With this information, your CSM will take you through the proposed onboarding plan, outline when you will unlock your value drivers and where your team fits into the onboarding process.

Kick Off

During the Kick Off meeting, we introduce the wider team on your side and ours. We show you how we’ll reach your goals and set up recurring meetings so we can achieve this together. We take you through our support offering, including all the different ways you can reach us. This is also a good opportunity to discuss data feeds and interfacing with Enable as this is often one of the most challenging aspects when adopting a new software solution.


We use modular, onboarding cycles with clear quantitative goals. The Activate will configure your channel so that it represents your agreements (programs) in your terminology. This will begin by reviewing our initial channel configuration, refining it so you can represent your example agreements. Our next step within Activate focuses on insights. Your customer success team is on hand to support you with loading your channel with transaction data so you and your finance team can start running a variety of reports and sharing your programs with your trading partners.


Until this step, our onboarding scope will have been kept focused and we understand this may not sufficient to adopt Enable as your single solution. Evolve will plot the course required to make Enable your sole tool for B2B deals and rebate management. Your needs are unique and we will ensure that you have all the tooling and features you need to end reliance on your legacy system. This will allow you to unlock new features, value and industry insight from Enable.

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