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How to create new templates

Those with permission to create new templates can see the Templates tab within the green header bar. Below are the steps taken to create a new template that can be used to create Customer Support Contracts and Distributor Support contracts.

  1. Clicking on the Template tab in the header will present the Templates listing.
  2. Click the create template button at the bottom left of the page. Clicking this will start the template creation process.
  3. (Optional) You may be presented with a who is the owner? step. For further guidance, please see the Owners & Manufacturers section below. Otherwise, please carry on to the next step.
  4. Set the fields in the configure your template step. You will need to:
    a. Add a reference: a description you set to identify the template's business purpose or function. An example reference could be the "2023 GBP template for 12% margin maintenance (direct)”.
    b. Choose a currency: this defines a single eligible transaction currency for the SPA.
    c. Choose whether to specify end customer pricing. If unchecked, you cannot create any CPC from this template.
    d.  (Optional) Choose a pricing mechanism: this is how the SPA will calculate the customer's pricing. You can learn more about the specific pricing mechanisms here.
    e. Choose a support mechanism: the method of calculation the system will use for a distributor's support claims.
    f. (Optional) Choose a price list. Depending on your chosen pricing mechanism, you may need to set the price list the template is based on. You can learn more about price lists here.
    g. Select one or more delivery types: this specifies what types of transactions will be eligible for support.
  5. Now click complete on the bottom right with all the fields set. You will now have a draft template.

Before you approve your new template, you should update the details (read how to update template details here), products (read how to update template products here), and notes (read how to update template notes here).

If you need help or have questions, please raise a ticket with our support team here.

How to set owners & manufacturers

Some users can create templates for multiple organizations. These organizations may be distributors or manufacturers, which will change what the system presents to you.

For a manufacturer organization, you will be presented with a wizard which shows the steps at the bottom of the window as owner and configuration (as shown below). Once you select your manufacturer organization and click next, the system will return you to the main template creation process outlined in how to create a template.

For a distributor organization, you will need to select the distributor owner organization and click next in the bottom right. You will then select the Manufacturer organization the template will be with and click next. The beginning of this process is shown below. Once the owner and manufacturer have been selected, you will return to the main template creation process outlined in how to create a template.

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