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Creating new contracts (DSCs & CPCs)

Introducing contracts

Contracts are the general name for distributor support contracts and customer support contracts. Contracts are different from special pricing agreements and pricing programs because they are created from a template.

New contracts are always based on a template (you can learn more about templates here). Enable supports two types of contracts which, when combined (learn about combining contracts by enrolling here), will create a special pricing agreement.

The first contract type is the Distributor support contract (DSC). These DSCs define the terms of financial support that a manufacturer will provide to a distributor partner. One DSC represents a relationship between one manufacturer and one distributor. For simple cases, you may only have one DSC across all your product. However, you can have multiple DSCs per relationship, allowing terms to be set for individual products, product groups, product categories, or some other combination.

The second type is the Customer pricing contract (CPCs)  which defines pricing between a manufacturer and an end customer. One CPC represents a relationship between one manufacturer and one end-customer and defines how much that customer will pay for specific individual products, product groups, product categories, or some other combination.

Special pricing agreements within Enable are a combination of DSC and CPC. However, there are cases whereby the manufacturer and distributor support is independent of the customer pricing. Enable can facilitate support in these cases without knowing any of the CPC information. You can learn more here.

Contract creation

This section will describe how to begin the process of contract creation. This article will explain how to create a basic draft DSC or CPC. If you are in a template and use the contracts tab to create your contract. Below are the steps to create a contract from the SPA listing after clicking propose new:

  1. Click on the Special pricing agreement tile.
  2. Select the template you want to use for the contract and then click next in the bottom right. If you can’t find your template, see here to learn about approving templates. Please raise a ticket with our support team here if you still need help getting your template to show.
  3. Click on the contract type you wish to create. If the template you’re using does not specify pricing details, you will be skipped to step 4.
  4. (Optional - DSC selected) Select the distributor receiving goods on the who is receiving goods page and click complete.

DSC creation is now complete.

  1. (Optional - CSC selected) Click any end customer check box if you do not need to specify customer-specific pricing terms for a future SPA, then click complete. You can now skip step 6.
  2. (Optional - CSC selected) Select the customer you wish to define pricing terms with and click complete.

CSC creation is now complete.

You can now review our editing of a customer pricing contract article or our editing of a distributor support contract article to continue your contract set-up.

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