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Monitor user activity

Only those users who have access to the admin area will be able to monitor user activity, by accessing the activity log made available by Trading Programs. The admin area can be accessed by clicking on Config at the top of the page and then on Users that appears in the drop-down menu.

If you then click on the Activity tab near the top of the page, you will be taken to a page where you will be able to view and download a list of any reportable activities that have been completed in Trading Programs by any of your team members.

For every reportable activity, Trading Programs will log the name of the user who completed the activity, plus the date and time when the activity was completed. You may also view activities of users that have been deleted from the system, however this will be logged against their email address and not their name.

Each time you access the activity log, you will be able to set criteria to filter the results by fields

  • Activity log dates: Allows you to filter by the dates which you would like to report on.
  • Description: Type the activity you wish to view, e.g. reverse receipt payment allocation.
  • Trading parter: Allows you to select the trading partners you wish to view.
  • Type: Activity log type, e.g. Cash App, Collaborator, log in.
  • Trading program reference: Can type in a reference to a specific trading program.
  • Start date: Trading program's filtered by start date.
  • Program line reference: Allows you to select a specific program line.
  • Trading program/program line ID: You can filter for the specific ID, e.g. S00009, D00007.
  • Performed by user: allows you to filter for activity completed by a specific user (including deleted users).
  • Data entity: filter by part of the system, e.g. Finance app or Trading programs.

If you wish to view the activity for deleted users, under the user selection, tick show deleted users. This will only show the users' email address and not their display name as this information is deleted from the user interface.

You may view an on-screen preview of the filtered results and download the full set of filtered results as a CSV file.


Having configured any filter settings that you wish to configure in the activity log, you will then be able to generate a preview of the first 20 results rows (where each results row relates to a particular activity) by clicking on the Preview button.

Having generated the preview, you will be able to revise the filter settings by clicking Back, resetting your filter preferences then clicking on Preview again to generate a preview of the revised results, or you can click on the Download button to download the full set of results (for the current filter settings) as a CSV file.

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