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Marketplace Dimension

Dimensions within the Trading Programs application are a flexible method to represent key business structures. Not all of this data is relevant to the Deals application. The Marketplace has been created to allow for similar data structures across Trading Program channels to be accessible within Deals in a known way.


Marketplace Dimensions facilitate these relationships. At present, the focus of these has been on the building sector and include:

- Products

- Branches

- Delivery types

These marketplace dimensions can only be configured by Enable administrators. To begin using your existing dimension data within Deals, please contact your Customer Success Manager to guide you through the process of setting up your marketplace dimensions.

Configuring a Marketplace Dimension

To configure a Marketplace dimension, you need to go to your Trading Programs channel. Within Config > Set-up > Dimensions, if you select a dimension, for example, Products, you will see a heading on the right named ‘Publish to marketplace’. Under this, you will be able to select which Marketplace dimension(s) the Trading Program dimension can be assigned to. It is possible to have multiple marketplace dimensions assigned to a single Trading Program dimension.

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