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Marketplace Attributes

Marketplace Attributes enable a dimension collection attribute to be selected as a specific Marketplace Attribute. For example, within a Trading Programs Products dimension, a dimension collection attribute could be selected as the “Product Group” marketplace attribute. By creating these Marketplace Attribute relationships, the dimension collection attribute will then be usable within the Deals application as a filter when selecting items from the Marketplace Dimension.

It is not mandatory to select a dimension collection attribute to be the “Product Group” marketplace attribute. Only direct selections and model contracts based on product/delivery type combination will be permitted within the Special Pricing application if one isn't selected.

Configuring a Marketplace Attribute

The configuration for a marketplace attribute is located on the dimension collection attribute page. The option to select a marketplace attribute will not be available unless the parent dimension has been selected as a marketplace dimension.


You can publish a dimension collection attribute to the Products Group marketplace attribute from your Trading Programs channel. The values for this attribute are then displayed in the Special pricing application.

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