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Managing your collaborator user permissions

This article will describe permission management for Collaborators. You do not have to be an admin to do this. The permissions for an individual user can be edited on the invite collaborator page associated with a trading partner.

Partner Dashboard

If Partner Dashboard is available for your channel, then there are three stages to managing the permissions. At the channel level, the program line types can be configured to be included or excluded by default for all collaborators. Enable manages this, and you will need to reach out via the help desk to update these global settings.

You can manage a collaborator’s Partner Dashboard permissions for a specific trading partner via the invite collaborator page on a trading partner. Here you can grant the collaborator access to Partner Dashboard via a checkbox. Once checked, you can select the program line types the collaborator can see for the trading partner. By default, these will be included based on the configuration set initially by Enable.

Selecting the Included program line type setting will allow you to select which program lines are included or excluded. This gives you the ability to exclude specific pieces of information from the Collaborator’s view of Partner Dashboard.

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