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Managing claims

The manage claim page provides a clear view of a claim, including its status, the values calculated for linked agreements, and any related files uploaded to the claim.

This article will guide you through how to view details of a claim.

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How to view details of a claim

The manage claim page for a specific claim can be accessed via the Claims Listing or via a relevant tile/link on the Claims Dashboard. Learn more about each section of the claim below.

Manage claim page

Claim details

The reference of the claim is displayed below Manage claim.

Here you can also view the relevant partner, start and end dates of the claim, and value to claim alongside the current status.


A tile is displayed for each agreement related to the claim, alongside a breakdown of the claim value, tax, agreement ID, and dates for each agreement.

Click on the symbol in the upper right corner of an agreement’s tile to view more details.


Click Preview ERP output to download a CSV file of the claim, to be exported into your ERP system.

Once a claim has been calculated, a claim calculation evidence file will be automatically generated per agreement, containing the underlying transactions that make up the total value of the claim.

Your team may also have uploaded additional files related to the claim.

Tip: Click on a file to download and review, or Click to upload any additional supporting attachments related to the claim.


The log displays a history of activity for the claim, including when the workflow has progressed, if queries have been raised and resolved, when users have uploaded additional files to the claim, and more.

Tip: Scroll down in the log view previous activity for the claim, or refer to the claims activity logs to review a more in depth audit of activity within the Claims app.


Click on the Comments tab to review comments added by other users who have access to the claim. Comments can be added when the claim is in any status, allowing for easy communication and alignment of teams via a single source of truth for the claim.

Tip: Have a question about a claim during the workflow approval process? Learn how to query a claim here.


Once the approval workflow has been started for a claim, the banner at the bottom of the page displays the user groups the claim must progress through.

A workflow group will be displayed in one of the following colours:

  • Green: A member of the workflow group has approved the claim.
  • Dark blue: The workflow is waiting on a member of this workflow group.
  • Yellow: A member of the workflow group has queried the claim.
  • Grey: The workflow has not yet progressed to this workflow group.

Tip: Click on a workflow group to display the users in the group. If the step of the workflow has been completed, a checkmark will be displayed against the user who approved the claim within the group.

Workflow groups for a queried claim

What’s next?

Ready to learn more about managing claims? Learn how to prioritize actions via the claims dashboard here.

Interested in viewing more of your claims? Learn how to filter claims via the listing here.

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