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Managing PDF terms items

The trading program PDF is a summary of the trading programs for a supplier, providing you with a breakdown of all the program lines within the trading program, including its terms and conditions.

The terms for the trading program are the different fields which appear on your trading program PDF, these can be changed on a per trading program basis. The terms items can be found when you click on a trading program under the Terms tab. Depending on your trading program type version which you select when creating the trading program, you can have different terms items appear on your trading program PDF. The terms items and trading program PDF is highly configurable and can be configured on request by an Enable Administrator to include all the information which you would like to present on your trading program PDF. By default, the trading program PDF is branded with Enable’s logo and colour palette however, you can customize this to match your company’s branding.  

There are many fields which you can have in your trading program PDF as terms items. The different data types that can be configured for these fields are:

  • Text - An area you can write text in. We can set the default text to whatever you require, e.g a paragraph from your terms and conditions;
  • Number - Add a numerical value;
  • Date - Add in a specific date;
  • Single Select List - A list in which you can only select one value;
  • Multi-select List - A list in which you can select multiple values from the list;
  • Document - You have the ability to upload a document that you want to be linked to this trading program which will be saved under the specific trading program;
  • Trading Partner name - If you want the trading partner name automatically brought through;
  • Trading Partner reference - If you want the trading partner reference automatically brought through;
  • Trading Partner attribute - If you want a trading partner attribute automatically brought through e.g. Addresses, Websites, Phone Numbers;
  • Trading Partner contact - If you want to select a specific trading partner contact to appear on the trading program pdf linked to this supplier;
  • Trading Program ID - If you want the trading program ID automatically brought through.

You can also add a heading, label and default text. Below is an example of how these would appear in Trading Programs along with the different data types. The heading is at the top of each section and acts as a title. The label appears before any text as a subheading, the labels in the example below are 'Text', ''Number', 'Single Select List' etc. The default text is the text that will appear automatically for every trading program. This can be edited on a per trading program basis based on your user permissions. The default text in the example below is the text in the white box.


Below is an example of a configured set of terms:


As you can see, we can configure the terms section to reflect what your company wants on the trading program PDF. If you would like your terms items changed, please raise a ticket in our Support Hub.


If you have manual workflow for your trading programs, we can configure 3 signatories to appear on your trading program PDF (1 for the trading partner and 2 for people in your business). If you have automatic approval workflow, each person in the workflow will create an electronically signed signatory when they sign off the trading program in Trading Programs. The signatories will appear at the bottom of the trading program PDF document.

As shown below, you will see how these terms look in the trading program PDF.





The program line information is automatically pulled through in Trading Programs and is not configurable. We can configure what sections of the terms are placed before or after the program line information.

Mandatory terms items

It’s now possible to flag any terms item as mandatory upon configuration. The terms tab will make it explicitly clear which fields are mandatory and which are not. It’s also possible to retroactively configure terms items as mandatory. This will not affect existing active trading programs (unless they become unlocked) but will affect replicated programs or programs that are inactive. On top of this, terms item values for any applicable trading program will be refreshed when terms items for a program type version are edited. These updates will help to drive the efficiency and speed at which you can sign your agreements off.

If you would like any changes to your trading program PDF configuration then please raise a ticket in our Support Hub.

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