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Introduction to Workflow Report


Whether you are using manual or automatic workflow, it is imperative to know what status your programs are in. Agreements which are not fully signed before they start earning represent a financial risk. Many processes prior to Enable relied on email and spreadsheets. This dispersed data is difficult to centralize and monitor, making sign-off and agreement processes long and drawn out. Enable provides a Workflow report to allow you to inspect all of your agreements across all of your trading partners. You can quickly look for those being drafted, those for signing, and those prematurely earning before being fully signed. This later case is explored below and demonstrates the key functionality of the Enable workflow report.

How to use the Enable workflow report

You can access the Workflow report straight from the activity landing page within Trading Programs. To find this go to apps.enable.com, click on Trading programs you should see a landing page similar to the image below.

In this scenario, it is early in 2023, and we want to identify any unsigned agreements which are actively earning. This scenario is risky because there is a chance what is agreed upon may yet change, which may affect financial budgets elsewhere in the business.

Utilizing the Workflow report in Enable, I can quickly inspect the full agreement suite. To do this, we have filtered for agreements starting from 1/1/2023 where the workflow is active, but the status is “for signing”.

These filters can be seen set in the more filters panel (on the right).

Inspecting the data, we can see several key pieces of information:

  1. There are two agreements in a “For signing state” that pose a financial risk.
  2. Both agreements are currently with the supplier
  3. In February, there were active transactions

Not only do we have visibility across multiple suppliers, but we can also see the Leads for these agreements, Jonathon and James. I am now able to take this information and reach out directly to them to get these agreements signed off, ensuring greater financial security for our business and for our trading partners.

Additional features

  • Empower your Collaborator usage by being able to review programs with unread comments.
  • Use the download button to extract your filtered agreements. This allows you to analyze the full data set external to Enable
  • Quickly change the column set to get focused insights

Additional use cases

  • Download the unfiltered list of agreements to track and monitor the approval of all of your agreements.
  • Actively improve your approval processes by always knowing who needs to sign an agreement off (if you are using automatic workflow)

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