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IDEA Connector

IDEA Connector is the premier data syndication platform that allows customers within the electrical industry to securely share accurate product information from a single source like never before.

Enable is the first and only rebate management software company to integrate with IDEA Connector. By using Enable and IDEA Connector integration, you can:

  • Create, track and execute rebate agreements instantly with no data migration;
  • Drive efficiency with access to manufacturer-authorized product data within the Enable platform; and
  • Ensure clean and accurate rebate management and execution by eliminating data disparity.

How to create and edit a trading program using data from IDEA Connector

Access up-to-date product information and hierarchies from your IDEA Connector within your Enable account to efficiently manage your trading programs. Simply select your individual products, price groups and categorizations when creating or editing your trading programs.

To do this, navigate to your programs and create a new trading program via the standard program creation process. When selecting ‘qualifying transactions’ for your trading program, select ‘IDEA Products’ to access the IDEA Connector. This is your configured instance of the IDEA Connector showing manufacturer-authorized products, UPCs, price groups, catalogue numbers, etc. This integrated, instant access prevents the need to go to two different places to source product data for your rebate agreements.

Next, select the products included in your trading agreement. You can also choose product groups with exclusion rules for a more efficient way to upload groups of products all at once. See this in action with the below video:

Continue to populate the remaining information like your target bands for your agreement and click save.

By using the IDEA Connector and Enable, the data and calculations are aligned to eliminate disputes with your trading partners.

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