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How do I see my open projects and documents?


One of the many things that Enable apps offer is the ability to track your projects' progress with us. These projects can be found by navigating to the Support hub and clicking on the Projects tile, whereby projects will be split up into two sections; current projects and completed projects.


Clicking into a completed project will bring up its overview. This includes the project's status, significant dates of the project (i.e. design meeting), documents associated with the project, and a feature list to show what the project has achieved.

Clicking into a current project will bring up a similar view to its completed counterpart. You will still get the project's status, but this will display other statuses than 'Closure'. As above, there are also significant dates, documents, and features for the project.


You can also use Enable apps as a centralized place to look at the documents relevant to your projects. This is found by going to the Support hub again but clicking on the Documents tile this time instead.

Here will be a full list of the documents, such as your configuration blueprint or data plan.

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