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Grafton implements Enable’s collaboration platform to gain better visibility over their deals and trading partners

Enable International Inc, the leader in cloud-based B2B deal management software, today announced that Grafton Group, the international distributor of building materials, has chosen Enable’s collaboration platform to collaborate with over 500 of their suppliers to create better deals and further improve their trading relationships.

Grafton have previously commissioned Enable to create software for them back in 2010 when they built them a custom rebate reporting solution. They are currently in the process of upgrading to the Enable collaboration platform, which will not only improve their processes for managing rebates but also enable all of their suppliers to upload their transaction data, view and sign off deals and other agreements and see a history of their actions too – all in one, convenient place. Meaning more accuracy in their data to make better trading decisions faster.

Mark Gilham, Finance Director said:

“Adoption of Enable’s rebate software along with our existing best practice in business intelligence, supports our objective to be a market leading digitally engaged and knowledge driven business.

It will empower our commercial teams to work collaboratively with our network of suppliers, building strong relationships and unlocking opportunities for mutual benefit.

Enable will be a key component in our suite of enterprise software that will help keep the company lean, agile and data driven, providing a competitive edge and therefore maximising shareholder value.”

Zoe Cooke, Senior Customer Success Manager said:

“It’s fantastic to be working with such a great team at Grafton and we are really looking forward to seeing how Enable will help them build more collaborative relationships with their trading partners.”

About Enable

Enable’s deal management software helps suppliers, distributors and wholesalers to drive mutually profitable growth, while improving cash flow and reducing risk. Leading manufacturers and distributors in the UK and North America depend on their software to collaboratively plan, execute and track complex trading agreements involving millions in rebates, discounts, royalties, purchase income and back margins.

About Grafton

Grafton Group plc is an international distributor of building materials to trade customers and has leading positions in its markets in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Grafton is also the market leader in the DIY retailing market in Ireland and is the largest manufacturer of dry mortar in the UK.

Grafton trades from c.550 branches and has in the region of 11,700 employees. The Company operates the Buildbase, Selco, Leyland SDM, MacBlair, Isero, Polvo, Chadwicks and Woodies brands, and reported revenue of £2.67 billion in 2019.