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Generate reports using multi trading partner reporting

The multi trading partner reporting functionality allows you to choose multiple trading partners and filter by trading partner attributes when running Program Earnings, Daily Earnings and Transaction reports. This feature can be configured for you on request. If you would like this feature enabled, please raise a ticket in Cello.

By turning the multi trading partner reporting functionality on you will be able to run a report for all trading partners in one report. To do this you will need to click on the 'Select all' button when running a report.


This will act as a selection rule and automatically select all of your trading partners. You can click on a specific trading partner to deselect it if you wish.


To remove the selection rule you will need to click 'Select none', this will remove all trading partners from your selection.


Another feature of the multi trading partner reporting functionality is the ability to filter by using trading partner attributes. To do this you will need to click 'By <attribute>' when selecting trading partners to run a report.


You will then be able to click on the attribute you would like to filter by if you have more than one trading partner attribute and then the specific attribute value(s). This will then select all trading partners who have this attribute value(s).


Once you select your suppliers and filtering options you can click 'Preview' to see the first 20 results of the report and then download the full report.


If you request a report that is too large to be generated immediately, the system will need to schedule this report to run overnight. You will be asked whether you would like the report to be scheduled for an overnight generation with the message:

“This report contains multiple trading partners. Due to the potential size of this report, Trading Programs will attempt to generate it overnight, please check the ‘My reports’ area tomorrow in order to access the results. Do you wish to schedule the report to be generated overnight?”

If you would like to schedule the report to run overnight then please click confirm, otherwise click cancel. The report status will then show in your 'My reports' area and will be subsequently generated overnight. There is also an option to cancel a download if you decide you no longer require the report to be generated overnight by going into the 'My reports' area, selecting the scheduled report and clicking 'Cancel'.

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