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Generate a transactions reconciliation report

Once transactions has been added to Trading Programs and the reconciliation process that links your transaction data to your dimensions has run, a transactions reconciliation report will be produced.

This report will inform you of any transactions that could not be linked to your dimensions (known as ‘unreconciled transaction lines’) plus any duplicate transactions that exist.

By selecting Transactions from the Config menu and then clicking on the Reconcile tab, you will be able to check each transactions reconciliation process that was completed within 1 month of the current date.

On the Reconcile page, a list of reconciliation jobs will be shown. Upon selecting a reconciliation job, a high-level report will then be shown on the right-hand side of the page.


If you click on CSV download, you will be able to download a csv containing details of reconciled transaction lines, unreconciled transaction lines and duplicate transaction lines.


You will notice that there is the option to download detailed reports in csv format for both unreconciled transaction lines and transaction lines which are unmatched to a trading partner. To do this, simply click the CSV download option next to the report type you wish to view.

Please note — transactions that Trading Programs has not been able to reconcile will be stored in Trading Programs in their unreconciled state. Trading Programs will try again to reconcile these transactions next time the reconciliation process runs. For example, you may add missing items to your dimensions following which related transactions will reconcile at the next reconciliation.

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