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Fully retrospective

Growth program lines, which are calculated as growth over a baseline value or volume, have an additional setting of 'Fully retrospective?' (with the exception of the rebate earned being a fixed amount).

When 'Retrospective?' is selected without 'Fully retrospective?' being selected, the percentage rate will only be used to update historic turnover earnings on the growth element of the program line.

If both 'Retrospective?' and 'Fully retrospective?' are selected, then the percentage rate will be applied historically to update the earnings for all qualifying transactions.

Consider for example a program line that has growth target type of ‘% by value’ with target bands as follows:

Turnover Target, %

Rate, %







If for the above program line the total for included transacted value is £2,350,000 and the baseline value is £2,000,000 (such that the % growth by value is 2,350,000 / 2,000,000, or 117.5%), Trading Programs will calculate the earnings as:

  • 3% x £2,350,000 = £70,500 if the Fully retrospective? box is ticked.
  • 3% x (£2,350,000 - £2,000,000) = £10,500 if the Fully retrospective? box is not ticked but the Retrospective? box is ticked.
  • 2% x £2,000,000 x (115% - 110%) + 3% x £2,000,000 x (117.5% - 115%) = £3,500 if the Fully retrospective? and Retrospective? boxes are both unticked.
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