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‘Fixed percentage rate’ mechanism


A mechanism where the earnings are a fixed percentage of transactions and this percentage is independent of the value of the transactions.



A program line for which the earnings are 5% of the transactions, irrespective of the value of that transaction.

Configuration approach

Within Trading Programs, you will be required to enter a rate for the program line and select at least one dimension item for each of your dimensions.

Enable will select matching transaction lines for the program line, based on:

  • The trading partner to which the program line belongs.
  • Your dimension item selections.
  • The start and end date of the program line.
  • The currency of the parent trading program.

To calculate an earnings result for the program line as a whole, Enable will multiply the user-entered percentage rate by the total across the matching transaction lines for transaction value.

To calculate an earnings result for a matching transaction line, Enable will multiply the user-entered percentage rate by the entry for transaction value that applies to the transaction line.

Optional settings

You will be able (but not required) to use the ‘Mechanism details’ area of the program line configuration page to:

  • Enter a value in the Discount % box.
  • Select one or more program lines as deduction.

Discount %

For a program line that uses the Fixed percentage rate plug-in, the discount percentage is set to null by default to indicate that there is no (i.e. zero %) discount percentage.

You will have the option of taking no action to accept the default null value for Discount % or typing a numeric value (to a maximum of 3 decimal places) to specify a discount percentage.

Please note — you should enter the percentage value, e.g. 2.5 as opposed to 0.025 for a 2.5% discount.

The expected scenario is one where a user enters a positive percentage (e.g. 2.5) to reduce the qualifying transactions, although the user may enter a negative percentage to inflate the relevant transactions. You will not be allowed to enter a percentage that is greater than 100% or less than -100%.

When a non-zero value is entered into the Discount % box, a Discount deducted from setting will become visible (see ‘Deductions’ section below for further information).

For a program line that uses the Fixed percentage rate plug-in:

  • The Discount deducted from entry will be set to (and fixed as) ‘Earning transactions’.
  • Enable will apply the percentage rate to transaction that is net of the discount percentage to calculate the earnings (for the program line as a whole and for each of the included transaction lines).


When using the Fixed percentage rate plug-in, it is possible to create ‘Strung Rebates’ in which you can define one or more deduction program lines to be applied to the transactions first. Please go to our article on deductions for more information.

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