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‘Fixed percentage of price’ mechanism

A mechanism where earnings are a fixed percentage of the price that is associated with each transaction line -  this percentage is independent of transactions.

Price lists must be configured that determine the price that is associated with each transaction line for a program line.


A program line for which the earnings are 3% of the price of transactions.


Configuration Approach

You will be required to:

  • Enter the ‘Fixed % of Price’ value, which must be a positive or negative integer value (between -100% and 100%).
  • Select a price list that the system will use to find a matching price for each transaction line.
  • Select one or more items for each dimension that has been configured for you as included items for the program line.

Enable will select matching transaction lines for the program line, based on:

  • The trading partner to which the program line belongs.
  • Your dimension item selections.
  • The start and end date of the program line.
  • The currency of the parent trading program.

To determine the price for each matching transaction line, the system will find the price list entry that is associated with the same dimension items and trading partner as the transaction line. If this price list entry does not exist in the price list or does not have an associated price, then the earnings for this transaction line will be 0. If this price list entry does exist with a price, then the system will calculate the transaction line’s earnings by applying the ‘Fixed % of Price’ value to the price, and then multiplying the result by the transaction line’s volume.

Consider for example a program line that has a Fixed % of Price’ value of 5%, and a transaction line with a volume of 10,000 and an associated price of £1.50. Enable will calculate the earnings for this transaction line as 5% x £1.50 x 10,000 = £750.

Optional Settings

You will be able (but not required) to tick the ‘Lock Prices to Specific Version’ tick box for a program line. This option is not ticked by default. When the ‘Lock Prices to Specific Version’ box is ticked, you will need to select a price list version for the program line and the system will only use the prices from this selected price list version. This means that no subsequent or preceding price list versions which are configured for the selected price list will be used when calculating the earnings for this program line.

When the ‘Lock Prices to Specific Version’ option is not ticked, the system will use the prices from the price list version that is ‘Active’ for each transaction line. The ‘Active’ price list version for a transaction line is the latest price list version with a start date that is on or before the transaction date for the transaction line.

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