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Featured article: SaaS Rebate Solutions Are Critical For The Digitization Of Supply Chains

Our Director of Product Strategy, Andy James has written an article for SalesTech Star on “Why supply chains are increasingly reliant on SaaS rebate solutions”.

The idea behind rebates is straightforward, but designing an efficient rebate management structure can be much more complicated than it seems. This is where rebate management software comes in – from simplifying what can often be convoluted accounting processes to providing visibility into potential issues with partners, the ability to handle rebates digitally can prevent disputes about payments, facilitate healthy interactions at all points on the supply chain, and forge stronger relationships between distributors and suppliers.

In the article, Andy delves into:

  • Bringing supply chain management into the digital era
  • Addressing inefficiencies in the supply chain
  • The pivotal role of SaaS rebate solutions in supply chain management

To read the full article, click here.