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Enable replaces Balford’s ERP to manage their highly complex deals


Balford is a diversified food distribution company specializing in providing customized distribution services to foodservice and retail customers and the sale of dairy products throughout the North-eastern United States. 

Founded in 1892, Balford remains a privately held corporation with a leadership team and employee workforce who has built a solid reputation for, and takes pride in, delivering Quality, Value, and Service to their customers. 

Kerry Camp has been with Balford for 20 plus years, currently working as a Credit Manager which involves paying out rebates to customers.  

Enable was the perfect fit  

Balford were in the process of switching to a new ERP system so that it could connect to their warehouse management system. They hoped their new ERP system would manage their rebates. However, when they began training, they realized it didn’t suit their needs for managing their complex rebates as it would mean a return to a very manual process.   

Kerry explains, So that’s how we came across Enable because we were researching for a solution that could link with our systemEnable just seemed a perfect fit because they have experience with distributors and buying groups, which we have many deals with. It seems pretty easy to deploy and we were very impressed with all the presentations and the people. 

ERP vs Enable  

Kerry says, “We have a lot of hierarchy with our products and our customers, and that’s the problem which our ERP can’t handle. We totally depend on that for our products and for our customers. That’s why Enable was perfect because it can deal with this complexity. If we stuck with a manual solution, it would make my job 10 times longer than it currently is!  

Enable allows us to focus   

Kerry saysI’m excited to have a more streamline rebate management system, with less manual work so that I have time to focus on other areas of the company. really believe that this is going to be a perfect fit for us.”