With over 100 people now employed at Enable and still growing, we have forged strong relationships with some of the best universities, recruiting the brightest students that they have to offer. In fact, 79% of our analysts and developers graduated from one of the top 25 universities featured in the Guardian university league table.

As a growing SaaS company, we are particularly focused on recruiting people passionate about our product and who know our product inside and out to ensure customer value is realised through targeted product enhancements.

This month we have spoken with Amar, a graduate from the University of Warwick with a first-class degree in Biochemistry who joined Enable as a Graduate Business Analyst and has transitioned to a Product Manager role in the Product Management team.


How much software / product experience did you have before joining Enable?

Joining Enable as a life science graduate I had no direct experience managing a product or working in software. However, part of my degree involved using programming languages such as MATLAB and R for statistical analysis and my final year project on synthetic biology involved research into artificial intelligence. I also had some experience in basic front-end web development using HTML and CSS to make simple web pages. This meant that I had a high-level understanding of the principles involved.

Why did you decide to work in the SaaS industry?

I can’t pretend that I knew what SaaS was before joining Enable! The tech industry is obviously very exciting because of the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, impact many users and join a company with the potential to grow rapidly.

What initially attracted you to work for Enable?

The location was a major factor for me, I didn’t want to be located in a big city and Stratford-Upon-Avon is a great place to be. My first impressions of everyone at Enable were also extremely positive, the interview process immediately put me at ease and allowed me to meet people from many different teams I’d be working closely with. This made me feel so much more comfortable with the decision to work for Enable.

What is your proudest career moment and why?

I’m not sure what my proudest moment would be, but I think every Product Manager looks back fondly at their first change or enhancement to the product. Seeing how one of your ideas or suggestions can help countless users daily is rewarding.

Identifying those smaller changes which improve an individual user’s experience hugely despite little engineering effort can often be more gratifying than larger scale functional changes which assist business processes because you can empathise with that users’ frustrations more.

How would you describe the culture and working environment?

The culture and environment at Enable is everything you could want really. The team works closely together giving you the chance to get to know everyone and learn from others in a relaxed environment, but you also have everything you need to focus independently when the time comes.

The office is modern and spacious, so comfort isn’t an issue and there is plenty of support from the company if you need anything.

What do you enjoy most about working at Enable?

The people at Enable are fantastic, but outside of that I think the independence and responsibility you are given from day one, being able to plan your own time and contribute to large scale projects is appreciated.

The most enjoyable thing is probably seeing how even a small idea can turn into an enhancement to the product which helps make so many of our customers jobs and processes easier.

What piece of advice would you give to those looking to secure a career with Enable?

Enable aren’t expecting a finished article who knows all about our software and target market, but if you’re someone who shows that they are willing and able to learn, grow and apply principles from your previous experience to this role then you’ll have a great chance.

What Enable can offer you

One of Enable’s top priorities is to provide a positive environment for all of our employees to work in — this is reflected in our excellent Glassdoor employee reviews! Not only do our employees have the freedom to work creatively and to suggest improvements and new ways of working, our team structure and project processes allow them to focus entirely on solving any given challenge. Investing in our employees lets us devote more time into increasing their abilities, as well as drawing from a steady stream of high calibre applicants. 

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