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Downloading the transaction template

Within the Download step, click on Download import template to download the template CSV file.

Downloading the template will automatically progress you to the Upload stage, which you can complete once you have populated the template using the guidance in the next step.

Transactions import: Download import template

The template CSV file will be named “<Trading Partner name>-Transactions Template-YYYYMMDDHHMMSS”, and will contain a number of pre-populated columns.


For a file to be uploaded successfully, the following verification steps must be passed:

  • The file must be in CSV format.
  • Data entered must follow the template format.
  • Column headings must match the headings in the downloaded template. Columns cannot be removed or added to the template.
  • Avoid trailing spaces and spaces before column entries.
  • Each value must match the expected data type for that column.
  • Mandatory columns must be populated for each transaction line.

Use the guidance on the next page for how to populate the template for special pricing agreement transactions or how to populate the template for trading program transactions.

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